Life is full of wonders. Here lies an assorted collections of thoughts and projects, mostly unrelated to each other.

Technical posts and How-tos

I rely heavily on manpages to provide the information necessary to understand the reasons behind what I do. I try to reference them whenever possible.



My projects are hosted on both gitlab and sourcehut.


Collection of hardware projects including ones involving wood and electronics.


More software, but Medicine-related. Some of these links are dead, I'll eventually polish and host them again when time and motivation allows.

Rethinking the paper trail

A look at Mental Health Act forms in Saskatchewan and the problems associated with hand-written legal forms. This project reviewed a collection of Mental Health Act forms, and generated a faithful replica of the most used forms in the digital realm.


Hematology case-based learning with an infinite number of cases which are auto-generated based on a predefined template. Was helpful to practice reading heme labwork as a medical student.

Link (There used to be a link, but the domain was hijacked. I'll put it up again under this domain)

Visual Ophthalmology

Web platform for collaborative case-based learning in Ophthalmology

Link (Down for now, will be up)

CaRMS Match Simulator

Tool to simulate your own CaRMS match algorithm and see what happens behind the scenes. It didn't help me in the match process, but it was nice to get to know the algorithm that supposedly determines my fate.


Food and Recipes

These recipes are live, they may change and improve.


There is a bare-bones list of photos here which I plan to polish up into a gallery soon(TM).


I returned to piano after a decade-long hiatus due to studies. It has been one of the best decisions I've made. Here is a sample of my progress so far, sorted by date.