DIY Wifi-enabled Sous Vide

This project is in-progress and this post will be frequently updated.

Sous vide is a cooking technique which enables low and controlled-temperature cooking over a long period of time. It's similar to other means of cooking where temperature is controlled (e.g. smoking). The difference being in sous vide, the food is cooked in a controlled water bath.

I initially made this with Atmega328P-PU which is the same chip used in Arduino UNO (where I had prototyped it), but since I have a few ESP32 chips that have arrived, I'm revisiting the project and adding a few wifi gimmicks to join the "IOT" world!

Component list


Electronics bill of material

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Programming the ESP32

First, Set up ESP32. If you use Emacs, you can also configure Emacs and lsp for ESP32 development.

The code is hosted on sourcehut and the most up-to-date revision can be viewed there.