Bespoke Range Hood

I've recently had many issues with smoke when making steak. So much so that almost every time I've had to disconnect the fire alarm just to eat in peace. This would easily be solved by a kitchen range hood, but alas I don't have a good one. My stove is on an island and the hood vertically comes out of the island and sucks maybe 10 CFM which may as well not exist.

Since I had already built a fume extractor, I thought I could build something similar (but bigger) to extract the delicious smoke from the skillet. That means building the frame, finding the fan, and assembling the ducting. So let's get started.

Hardware and pieces

The centerpiece is the fan which does all the work. it connects to the frame with short vinyl ducts with its exhaust side not attached to anything. To filter the smoke particulates, I'll use a charcoal filter. I haven't put any direct links to buy the items; you should be able to find these items in any local hardware store or online. Here's what my shopping list looks like:

I ended up choosing a 240 CFM inline duct fan with a 6 inch diameter. It looks like 240 CFM should do well as I only really need to use it when I'm cooking on one burner, not using the whole stove. For the charcoal filter, any charcoal or activated carbon filter would do, as long as you can cut it to size yourself. I got a sheet of activated carbon filter which is normally used as replacement filters for air purifier systems. Similarly, any flexible 6" duct would do. I went with a vinyl one.

The frame is custom built to hold the duct and stay comfortably over the cooktop burner I use most often.


To build the frame, I'll be using hardwood as I find it easiest to work with when using hand tools. MDF is also a good option if you're planning to use power tools.

The plan for the frame is quite simple. A rectangle with an open face and a 6" hole on top for the fan, covering the entire stovetop.

       /  O    O    /|   O = 6" diameter hole
24"   /            / |
     /  O     O   /  |
    +------------+   |
    |            |   /
15" |            |  /
    |            | /
    |            |/

    |     __  _
    |    /  \ | 6"     _
    |    \__/ |        |   right side is
    |                  |   mirror of left
    |                  |
24" ||----| 7"         |
    |                  |
    |                  | 15.5"
    |     __           |
    |    /  \ _        |
    |    \__/ | 6.5"   |
    |         |        |

And from top it would look like this. To reiterate, these measurements are all taken from the stovetop in a way that the 6" vent holes are directly above the stovetops.

For this build, I used 6 90 degree angle brackets, 1/2" wood screws, and 1/2" mdf boards. To assemble, I drilled a 6" diameter hole as planned, then taped a carbon filter on top, and gently placed the duct fan on top of it. I made sure the hole was slightly smaller than the duct fan opening to be able to hold it.


Pics or it didn't happen

With banana for scale.