Kabab Torsh (Sour kebab)

Kabab Torsh (translated to sour kebab) is a tender and flavorful kebab from northern Iran. The recipes are varied and interesting, but it boils down to small chunks of meat (usually lamb) marinaded in pomegranate paste and fresh herbs. As long as this basic recipe is followed, opportunities for creativity in terms of the types of herbs used is limitless. What follows is a tried and true local recipes using widely available ingredients.


Serves: 3 persons





  1. Slice striploin steaks vertically once, then horizontally slice 1 inch slices, it will look almost like a cube.
  2. finely chop walnuts, garlic, mint, green onion (can use food processor).
  3. mix well walnuts, olive oil, garlic, pomagranate paste, mint, and green onion until looks like a paste.
  4. mix meat with the marinade.
  5. let the marinade sit for 24 hours.


  1. Skewer the meat and BBQ.
  2. Ensure the walnuts do not burn as they take on an unpleasant bitter smoked flavour.